Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today on our walk we saw a dead raccoon. I do not have any idea what killed it, maybe rabies. BUT...on it were several huge turkey vultures. The dogs went absolutely insane, chasing the birds away, barking like mad, Sophie the gentle Doberman with all of her hackles up racing to and fro, barking at the was wonderful. Ella and I laughed a long, long time. I used to fear that her sense of humor would stay stuck at Knock Knock jokes (which she still cannot comprehend) but now I know she will be just fine. Just a little demented like Sister and myself.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is coming, even though it is still cold!!

Flipper and I are going to do a cute little Easter-Springtime project; we are going to grow real grass in her Easter basket in preparation for the Bunny's largess instead of that frightful, crunchy green strands of plastic. I saw this on a blog I read regularly last spring, and have been waiting to give it a shot. We have purchased the wheatgrass seed packets, and gathered some potting soil. Yesterday Flipper delved into our storage area under the stairs and unearthed our Easter box. Her basket is my sister's old one, mine is in there too. They are 38 years old!!!! She also discovered a bunch of plastic eggs, and in one she found perfectly good Play-Doh, and in another, 3 foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. They'll be for dessert tonight, I think. I will take pictures as we go along. From her school I have learned to value of doing things slowly, step by step by step, and having children wait in between each one. Today we will line the baskets with plastic, this week-end we will fill them with soil, a few days after that we will add the seeds, and so on. Maddening, is it not? So different from my own inclination to do everything at once, as fast as possible. Good for both of us. I just hope it works!!!! I will take pictures of the ancient baskets and our project as we go along.
This week-end was a good one; one of the teachers at the school and I mentioned to each other how we needed something good to happen. There was a dance on Saturday night, of which I was a chaperon. Shocking, really. I was so impressed with how well ALL the students dressed, boys included!! Suits, ties, nice vests-nary a pair of jeans in the whole throng. The girls, of course, couldn't wait to dress up. They all looked wonderful. They were all good, (as far as I know!) and hopefully had a good time. I saw a few random acts of kindness, and it did a lot to give me something good right now.

Friday, March 20, 2009


My wanderlust is insatiable lately, the trip to Florida merely whetting the desire to travel endlessly rather than putting it to rest for a time. My fantasy: tons of money, with which I would first take Ella out of school, and we would literally travel around the world, every continent, many countries, chasing the sun as so to stay warm for much of the year we would be gone. Then, upon return, we would purchase a small Airstream trailer and spend every summer and school break traveling throughout North America; I want to return to Baja California and make it all the way down to Cabo san Lucas (I've been halfway) and take the Al-Can Highway up to Alaska. I used to think I was a homebody... but I'm not. Thank god Ella loves travel as much as I do.
Now I am trying to gauge how much it would cost for us to camp on the Outer Banks during part of her upcoming spring break. The Banks have multiple campgrounds, some run by the National Park Service, and some privately owned. The Park Service ones are more "us"-fewer RV's, no pools, game rooms, etc. But they offer only cold showers, and I want to take at least one hot shower during a 3-4 day stay. electricity. Which means I must find another way to make coffee in the morning. Shockingly, for a NC native, I have never been to the Outer Banks. So I have never seen the lighthouse, or the Wright Museum, etc. At least gas is a decent price right now! My other fear is cold: it will be either brutally windy and frigid, or warm and bug-free. I wish I already had a tiny RV, it would make this decision a lot easier! One of the things I love about Ella the most is her sheer toughness, her ability to suck it up and deal with being cold and uncomfortable with minimal whining. So we'll see. It is on my radar right now. The secret of life? Always have something to look forward to.