Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I wish more than, well not anything, but SOMETHING that I was able to capture, on my camera, the look on Flipper's face when the few tiny flakes that fell yesterday swirled around her. Beyond was magic.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lists and more lists...

Here you go, Di!! (I LOVE these kinds of tags, lists, memes, whatever they are...)

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
) In school seeking a second degree (in education), making the best grades of my life
2) Living in the mountains (Cullowhee) and loving it
3) Single, traveling to see my favorite band, being a bit of a rock star, and not in a good way.
4) Exercising. A lot. I was quite fit and trim. Thinking about it makes me sad.
5) Making absolutely no plans for the future in any way, even though I was 30. Which seems impossibly young to me now...

5 things on my to-do list for today
1) Head home at 1:30
2) Eat lunch(veggie chili and cheese and crackers)
3) Take the dogs for a long walk in the crispy woods with Flipper
4) Vacuum upstairs, my most-hated chore!!
5) Work on our school's Holiday Fair

5 treats I enjoy
1) Eating out. Any place that someone else brings me good food.
2) Staying in hotels, for any reason. LOVE IT!!
3) Sugar. Pretty much any form but milk chocolate.
4) Being outside, in almost any weather.
5) Having harmonious, quiet time with Flipper,when we are both happy and engaged.

5 things I would do with tons of money
1) Give some to my parents, sister, and Flipper's dad.
2) Buy a mountain house near Blowing Rock.
3) Buy a beach house on Topsail.
4) Travel. Endlessly. Around the world, around America.
5) Hire a personal trainer and personal chef. And a maid.

5 places I've lived
1) North Carolina: sandhills, mountains, Piedmont
2) St Simons Island, GA
3) Telluride, CO
4) Cullowhee, NC
5) Carrboro, NC (currently)

5 places I've worked
1) as a cocktail waitress at the beach, a great job with tons of $$!!
2) As a copy-editor at a paper in Colorado
3) waitress (lots of places)
4) English tutor
5) Emerson Waldorf High School (currently)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Retail Therapy

I am searching the Internet with Flipper's (hopeful) Christmas list at my side. Searching, searching, comparing prices, trying to decide what I can realistically make, what is beyond my reach financially, what I can assign to grandparents, etc. It should be slightly depressing, in that I wish I could just pop out a credit card with a sky-high limit (an American Express black, for example) and just run through the list, have it all sent to my parent's house, and pick it up on Christmas Eve. Not to be, certainly not this year, and perhaps never. But I can be ruthless when deciding what to keep and what to let go of, bearing in mind that she asks for one of two things: nothing remotely realistic OR nothing at all. Flipper is much more concerned with Santa not getting burned in the fireplace and having enough carrots for all the reindeer. Oh, childhood!!

In more exciting new (wait, how can that be??) the Cult has moved it's store off-campus to Carr Mill Mall for hte next two months. I have been pitching in, and will volunteer staff it a few afternoons per week. This is very exciting; most Waldorf schools have stores, but they tend to be small ones on campus for parents primarily, and run by volunteers. This new post is also volunteer-run,and it is exciting to see something so gorgeous come together. And, to work for something I believe in, meaning toys crafted with care, with natural materials and nary a battery or blinking light or frightful noise to be seen (or heard).

So, Natalie, Shanna, anyone else I know in the area with young children, come on down!! It is near the Panzanella end of the mall. Will post pictures soon of this incredible space. It is also called The Woodland Shop,and the very first customer's last name was Woodland!!! How freaky is that?? I mean, it isn't as though the store is named Smith or anything common. Hopefully, in these tightening times, a good omen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I miss you, little blog o' mine. And so I promise I won't let another such lapse occur. I think for Christmas I will ask for Internet service for my house, and force myself not to be the email-checking junkie that computers invariably turn me into. Today is Election Day, and, blessedly, I have already voted. I can't wrap my brain around other states, where early voting is not offered, and waiting HOURS to vote.
Flipper is unaware of any politics or drama, even my attempts to lure her into going with me to See Democracy In Action failed with a categorical NO from her. Followed by, "It doesn't sound like fun." But this year, it DOES sound like fun to me. Even going to a little party tonight with Flipper at one of her classmate's houses. We are all bringing appetizers. I can't wait!! Off to New York Thursday for a wedding. Also can't wait for that, although traveling with our whole family seems like a kettle that is endlessly simmering and might, at any moment, boil over, but never does.