Monday, October 6, 2008


Last week I went to my old office and transferred all the pictures I had on the hard drive there onto a flash drive. It took 45 minutes, and I came home with...6984 pictures. Even I was a bit shocked and horrified. Now I spend many minutes every day culling and culling and then culling some more. It is incredibly satisfying, as is almost any de-cluttering task, but, as might be expected, a bit wrenching as well. I cannot believe how young Flipper looks in so many, how curly her hair just plain beautiful she was as a toddler. I must constantly remind myself that those days were tough ones, and that time marches on and on and on, stopping for no one, not even me. And then I cull some more. Kathryn is leaving Jackson Hole today, and sent me many pictures of moose and bison. God, I miss the mountains. Real mountains, ones with snow on them all the time. Work is slow because the kids aren't here, and so I will leave early and try to apply the same de-cluttering zeal I displayed with all those pictures to my house. Flipper is at my parent's house, or, in her mind, in heaven.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Update!!

Oh, I've been missing you, my little blog! Finally, a chance to catch up and relate news. Main news: I have a new job, and for the first time in too long, I love it. LOVE IT. What could it be? you ask. What could possibly keep Leigh's very short attention span happy and permit her to talk with some frequency, another necessity to happiness? WELL...I am the secretary for the high school part of Flipper's Cult. And, therefore, I will no longer call it The Cult, in the interest of professionalism and niceness. I have a nice, well-lit office, (finally!) the students are incredible, the teachers are intensely committed and heart-driven. I am surrounded by music and art. From the students, that is. They play the piano before school starts, they sing unselfconsciously, they play the guitar between classes, they are polite, kind, and respectful...I could go on and on but I won't.

Here is an example of my duties: to signal the start of each class, I stand in the central hall and ring a medium-sized Chinese gong. Why, no, I am NOT kidding. No harsh electric bells here!! No, a real, live human being send the happy students on their merry way! I also take attendance, hold the confiscated cellphones until after school, and enforce, if necessary, the dress code. No real rule breakers. Yet.

And so, I am very happy right now!